Metal components and assemblies

  • We offer all types of machining including CNC and automated gear cutting.
  • Laser-, plasma-, and gas cutting.
  • Nibbling, hole punching and perforating of sheet metal.
  • CNC sheet metal bending and edging.
  • Pressed goods produced either using crank press or hydraulic means.
  • CNC sheet metal bending and edging.
  • CNC tube and pipe bending.
  • Steel structure welding.
  • Steel, iron and aluminium casting including machining and finishing work.
  • Surface protection.

Design services

  • We use AUTOCAD and SOLIDE WORKS engineering design software.
  • The drawings can be provided in various formats such as DWG, DXF, PDF etc

Street and Garden furniture

We produce customer designed benches, tables, bicycle racks, shelters, litter bins, planters, etc. Our products will be tailored to your needs.

Balardo – glass balustrade

We offer a brand new concept consisting of glass balustrade without the need for supporting vertical steel posts.